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Private Sewer Adoption

The Government has announced that from 2011 private sewers and lateral drains that drain to the public sewerage network of the nine English water companies (WaSCs) will hand over from private to public ownership. This will remove the burden of maintenance and repair for homeowners and allow for a more complete and integrated sewerage network. The current disparate ownership of the sewerage network causes difficulties for long term planning, which is important in adapting to the effects of climate change and housing growth.

Private Sewer Adoption Diagram

Under the legislation of the 1991 New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA), a record for the location of apparatus is a key requirement for water companies. Along with their own internal need to locate assets to maintain a state of repair, knowing the location of a newly adopted sewer or lateral drain is critical. After the adoption, water companies could double the size of their network, yet have no records for location, age or size of the adopted sewers or lateral drains.

With many years of experience working with utility companies and their data, along with Cad-Capture’s innovative sprit, AssetCapture PSA™ is the one stop solution to cover the data needs for PSA (Private Sewer Adoption). It offers a solution to the elements that cover the sewer and lateral drain information requirements.

Data Collection

Currently, water companies have little or no information about privately owned sewers and lateral drains. If they are to take ownership, a record is essential for them. Having longstanding business relationships with local authorities across England and Wales puts Cad-Capture in the perfect place to investigate what existing information may be available. This up-front data collection approach will save huge costs in surveying adopted sewers and lateral drains.

Data Scanning

With more than 20 years experience of scanning, Cad-Capture is in a unique position for undertaking the type of project to scan whatever records exist. A multitude of drawing formats will be uncovered and require scanning, from Microfilm to Linen drawings, Cad-Capture can scan them all. Taking the drawings off-site not an option? We can scan on-site, or at our central office, increasing the options available to our clients. At all stages, looking to save you from unnecessary costs, having the experience of working with drains data, we can target specific documents for scanning.

Data Capture

Cad-Capture is renowned for its CAD and GIS services including drafting, digitising, data capture and quality control. The aim of this line of business is to help organisations that need to get the hardcopy drainage plans and scan into CAD and GIS formats. Using techniques developed over the years, Cad-Capture knows exactly how to capture the data, ready for CAD import into GIS or digitise directly into customer systems from on-site or off-site.

Why Outsource

With AssetCapture PSA™, gone is the need to employ contractors or the need to commit internal resource to a time consuming task that would add to their already burdened workload.  Gone are the expenses of making desk space available, providing equipment for a project team, and the cost of supporting them.

Cad-Capture is renowned for completing projects on time and to budget.  The project management elements can be taken off your hands, but be assured Cad-Capture are the right choice to exceed you expectations.

Whether you require one or all of the elements, AssetCapture PSA™ is the solution to capturing your adopted sewer and lateral drains data.

AssetCapture PSA Datasheet - Download

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