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Postional Accuracy Improvement Programme (PAI) - Datashift


Completed on the 31st March 2006, The Ordnance Survey’s Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) programme was developed to enable the capture of 1:2500 data to a greater absolute accuracy, resulting in an improved and more consistent accuracy standard of mapping for rural areas.

Creating varying and inconsistent shifts, the impact of this programme is considerable, requiring Government Agencies, Utilities and Local Authorities etc to re-align digital assets features referenced to pre-PAI background data.

Cad-Capture offers a full end-to-end service which enables organisations to satisfy their business objectives in respect of Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI).


Typically, a semi-automated approach will be taken to achieve the optimum balance in respect of quality and efficiency, with the first stage of the re-alignment process to automatically shift data in accordance with an agreed set of business rules together with link files provided by the Ordnance Survey, defining the precise shift patterns for each map tile affected. Once re-aligned, data is then subject to a series of quality checks prior to release with manual modifications undertaken as appropriate.

As Cad-Capture's approach has already been tried-and-tested and meets the standards set by other major UK organisations, new business customers are not only exposed to less risk, but also benefit from Cad-Capture's experience in respect of e.g. lessons learnt etc, as well as enhancements made to the re-alignment process, resulting in a more productive, cost-effective and better quality of service.

Cad-Capture's combination of tried-and-tested processes, infrastructure set-up, experience and specialist skills and techniques ensure significant value-added benefits and provides a compelling argument when differentiating Cad-Capture from other potential service providers.

PAI (Positional Accuracy Improvement) - Case Study