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What is it?

OccupEye® is a scaleable solution from Cad-Capture that is allowing both Public and Private Sectors clients to analyse vital workspace utilisation data to a level of detail and accuracy never before possible.

The significant savings that organisations are realising through the improved utilisation of occupied space is demanding that property managers and space planners come up with more innovative, efficient and robust methods of tracking workplace utilisation.

OccupEye® is a fully integrated system that enables users to capture and analyse true 1:1 workspace utilisation figures in real time, offering the perfect solution to a significant challenge.

The solution comprises an unlimited number of wireless workplace utilisation sensors which transmit utilisation data to a small number of strategically positioned network receivers, which in turn feed the 'raw' occupancy logs back to client specific cloud-based analytics systems.

Our wireless OccupEye® sensors are lightweight, compact and portable, allowing for flexible deployment in monitoring both room utilisation and/or individual workspace utilisation. 

Through the web-based OccupEye Analytics dashboard, users enjoy absolute control over data reporting and analysis. Various levels of detail can be applied to each sensor, allowing for quick and easy performance comparison at whatever level your project demands!


Wireless Occupancy Sensors | Cloud-based Analytics Dashboard


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Features and Benefits

  • True 1:1 continual space utilisation analysis, any time interval over any duration
  • User programmable to report based on a range of scenarios and preferences
  • Accurate, factual data
  • No more guesses based on coffee cups and coats on chairs!
  • Measure actual workspace utilisation and understand patterns, peaks and troughs in space use
  • Lightweight, compact, portable, simple to fix, sensors are discrete and easily transferrable
  • Flexibility to monitor fixed desks, hot desks, tables, meeting rooms, shared spaces or foot fall
  • Significant, demonstrable ROI versus outdated manual methods


The answer is a very simple one; Space costs, and wasted space equals wasted money. At a time when the efficient usage of property has never been more necessary or scrutinised, accurate space utilisation data is a vital component in the planning, implementation and on-going management of today’s corporate portfolio.

OccupEye® has been developed on the basis of our clients - people like you - asking Cad-Capture for a solution to a problem. “We need more accurate data, we are making too many guesses”…..”isn’t there a smarter way of doing this, floor walking seems so limited and outdated?”  We listened, we researched, we developed and now we deliver.

How can I use OccupEye?

As is our ethos at Cad-Capture, we never want our clients to feel ‘locked in’ or overly reliant upon us, so with OccupEye® we offer the flexibility of outright purchase or rental or, if you prefer, we can conduct the analysis for you using our consultants and loan system.

A typical Scenario

A fully-deployed OccupEye system would typically comprise a large number of sensors (transmitters), a small number of receivers plus data logging and analytical reporting software. For example, an office block with 3 floors might deploy 100 sensors per floor and 3 receivers (1 per floor). Sensors are typically mounted under desks or on a ceiling or wall using hook & loop pads for easy fixing and removal. The receivers are networked and deliver data to a standard PC acting as a data logging server where the data is automatically transferred to the OccupEye analytical software, usually in the cloud. Authorised users can access the OccupEye dashboard through a web browser and choose from a variety of flexible space utilisation reports.

Technical Detail

  • OccupEye sensor size: 11cm x 6.5cm x 2.7cm
  • Sensor comprises integrated PIR, wireless transmitter and internal antenna
  • Sensor powered by: 2 x AA batteries with low energy consumption and remote monitoring
  • Sensor captures data even when not connected to wireless receiver
  • Sensor wireless range up to 50 metres depending on construction barriers
  • Each wireless receiver typically supports 500 sensors
  • Multiple wireless receivers can connect an unlimited number of sensors
  • Wireless receivers can be linked over Ethernet network to bridge buildings and floors and overcome construction barriers
  • Wireless receiver connectivity: 1 x RJ45 network port and 1 x USB port
  • Wireless receiver connects to standard PC acting as data logging server

For more information please call +44 (0) 1254 504455

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**** Update: Please visit our NEW detailed dedicated OccupEye website ****