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Recommendation 1

Leaner and Greener: Delivering Effective Estate Management

Recommendation 1

Local government should reduce the space it occupies by 20-30%, by following best practice examples of low cost, flexible working practices1.

Occupancy Efficiency Report AssetCapture OEA™ - Occupancy Efficiency Assessment

Key Features

  • Reports how efficiently your corporate properties are currently occupied.
  • Highlights clearly where improvements can be made and inefficiency exists.
  • Allows you to consider ‘what if’ scenarios with a view to changing staff numbers.
  • Gives you the potential to consolidate employees over fewer properties, freeing up assets and massively reducing property overheads.

“AssetCapture OEA in conjunction with detailed intelligent AutoCAD drawings has enabled the Council to undertake rapid occupancy evaluations. The speed of analysis, accuracy and presentation provide a powerful case for the move forward to effective space utilization.”
Brian Allan – Principal Asset Manager, Sunderland City Council

AssetCapture OEA Datasheet - Download