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Recommendation 3

Leaner and Greener: Delivering Effective Estate Management

Recommendation 3

Local government should ensure effective property management by establishing centralised control of its estate within one department. A Central Property Unit should be made responsible for property decisions, including leases and the procurement of buildings.

OEA Screenshot 3AssetCapture OEA™ - Occupancy Efficiency Assessment

Cad-Capture’s OEA utility allows you to import property and staff data from a variety of sources to a central and consistent location. Standardised report generation at building or service level ensures consistency of results allowing accurate benchmarking at various levels.

Key Features

  • Provide the facility to benchmark your property costs against other properties in the portfolio and, versus recognised industry standards.
  • Allows you to input target KPIs and show you how to realise these.

AssetCapture OEA Datasheet - Download