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Recommendation 2

Leaner and Greener: Delivering Effective Estate Management

Recommendation 2

Local government should introduce a range of flexible property solutions to meet changing needs of various users and services.

OEA Screenshot 2AssetCapture OEA™ - Occupancy Efficiency Assessment

Born out of client need, and with Cad-Capture’s innovative spirit, AssetCapture OEA™ is an integrated, cost-effective solution to an ever increasing requirement that allows you to produce detailed reports on your property efficiency data, whilst retaining absolute control over every aspect of the process.

Key Features

  • The utility can be purchased for a very low one-off cost and operated in-house
  • All of the information reported back to you is 100% relevant
  • OEA negates the need for external consultants and on-going fees
  • The utility can be used day-to-day to ensure property data never gets unacceptably outdated
  • OEA can operate in conjunction with CAD plans, Asset Management and Facilities Management systems to produce reports in minutes not hours

Having worked with Cad-Capture for a number of years, the innovation, efficiency-driven design and relevance of their AssetCapture OEA™ utility comes as no surprise to me. At a time when all Councils are under unparalleled pressures to make savings, the manual process reductions that this utility offers complement the key property data we hold in our AMS perfectly. The ability to quickly analyse departmental cost variances based on area usage was of particular interest to us.
London Borough of Hackney

AssetCapture OEA Datasheet - Download