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General Policy

policySafety, Health and Environment Policy

Cad-Capture is committed to continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental performance. For further information, please request a copy of Cad-Capture's detailed Health and Safety Policy and Environmental Policy documents.

Training Policy

Cad-Capture is committed to investing in training and development of all its employees to help them perform to their maximum potential enabling the company to achieve the goals and targets set out in the business plan.

Equality Statement

Cad-Capture is committed to equality in both employment and service provision. Cad-Capture recognises the diverse nature of its stakeholders and endeavours to ensure that employees, potential employees, contractors, partners, clients and customers are treated with dignity and respect.

Cad-Capture opposes all forms of discrimination and undertakes not to discriminate unfairly on the grounds of sex, marital status, gender, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or religion or belief, responsibility for dependents, social or economic status or criminal record.

Cad-Capture values the diverse nature of individuals and ensures that they are treated fairly and decisions on service provision and employment are based on objective criteria.

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