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e-Planning for Local Government

The basis for the Communities and Local Government's e-Planning programme was set out in the e-Planning Blueprint, published in 2004. It contains the following vision:

"A world class e-Planning Service will deliver new, more efficient ways of enabling the community to engage in developing a shared vision for their local area, easier access to high quality, relevant information and guidance and streamlined processes for sharing and exchanging information amongst key players."  Source CLG Website

For nearly 20 years, Cad-Capture has gained a wealth of experience in scanning of all types of documents regardless of their size, condition or format. In order to help you achieve the e-planning vision, Cad-Capture can take your existing Planning Applications (incorporating the plans themselves and other supplementary documentation) which would then be scanned and returned to you in an electronic format*, enabling you to gain instant access to the information and allowing you to place the applications online.

If you would like to discuss the different options available to you, please contact our Sales Department on 01254 504400 or via the contact form.