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Data Capture and Document Scanning Services

plansCad-Capture's high quality document scanning services bureau service can handle any number of documents with ease while maintaining the highest quality standards available, regardless of media, size and condition.

We scan at a minimum of 200dpi resolution for good quality images. However, depending upon the nature of the scan we can offer a maximum of 4800dpi.

Indexing of each file is available where there are large amounts of documents required for retrieval. We can index using a file number or alternatively, you may require more than one index field to your specification.

You can choose from the following:

  • black and white
  • grey scale
  • colour

Output is dependent upon your requirements but our standard output is TIFF or JPEG or alternatively, a searchable PDF (portable document format). The files are normally returned to you via e-mail or CD/DVD.

Large Document Scanning Service

Large document scanning is also known as large format scanning or wide format scanning which refers to the scanning of documents which are A0, A1 or A2 in size.

  • Large format scanning is available for many purposes. For example: Engineering Drawings such as general assembly, parts and components, schematics
  • Architectural Drawings e.g. property floor plans
  • Maps: Ordnance Survey, County Maps, historical maps

A4 Folder Document Scanning ImageSmall Document Scanning Service

Small document scanning is also known as small format scanning which refers to the scanning of documents which are A3, A4 or smaller in size.
High volume files and archives can be effectively transformed into a cost effective and valuable business resource.
Small format scanning is available for many purposes. For example:

  • Office and Administration e.g. promotional, general correspondence, proposals, orders, contracts, invoices, reports, procedures
  • Reference Material:Photographs, records, evidence
  • Technical Files:Specifications, manuals

Microfilm and Microfiche Scanning Service

We are also able to scan: Microfilm/Microfiche - 16mm/35mm/70mm roll film or jackets.
In the past, microfilm was seen as the future of archiving. Nowadays, microfilm is no longer easy to view and more and more companies are converting their film to electronic format.

Aperture Card Scanning Service

Originally used to store large format drawings but now requires expensive readers to view them; it is now more convenient and cost effective to convert them to an electronic format. As standard, we would return the scans on a CD as a PDF (Portable Document Format) or TIFF image. However, there are many other options available and we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Specialist Document Scanning Service

Cad-Capture is widely recognised for its expertise in applications relating to drawings, maps and technical documents. We are also capable of handling unusual size drawings such as A0 plus. Experienced in handling fragile, historic material, documentation is handled with the utmost care and consideration at all times. OCR (optical character recognition) is a technique, for example, automatically converts hand written text and inputs into the computer. This is ideally used when you have forms or questionnaires that need scanning into an electronic format.

On-site Document Scanning Service

If you have documentation that is highly confidential and unable to leave your premises or whereby constant access is required; then Cad-Capture can set-up a scanning facility at your premises. Cad-Capture will provide project management, equipment provision and human resource planning as required.

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