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Net Capacity Assessment

net-capacity-sheetCad-Capture provides a unique solution to automatically populate DfE* Net Capacity Assessment forms directly from CAD floor plans.

DfE Net Capacity Assessment Datasheet - Download    

As anyone who has ever worked with these forms understands, the process of entering data manually is laborious and prone to error. Cad-Capture’s solution generates accurate Excel spreadsheets in seconds, with no room for error, providing the CAD floor plans are up to date.

More and more Local Authorities are benefiting from Cad-Capture’s solution and find the speed, accuracy, convenience and cost savings to be unbeatable. This solution is available as licensed software or as a service.

"It used to take six months to update our Net Capacity spreadsheets for the DfE submission. With Cad-Capture's solution I can do the whole lot myself in a single morning!"
- John McIntyre, Manchester City Council, Children's Services

For further information on Asset Management Planning in UK education please visit:

www.wales.gov.uk, www.scottish-schools.gov.uk and www.education.gov.uk

EFA - Education Funding Agency

DfE - Department for Education

DCSF - Department for Children, Schools and Families

DfES - Department for Education and Skills

DfEE - Department for Education and Employment

SCAP (School Capacity Survey)

Education Funding Agency's SCAP Guidance states: 
"You should hold up-to-date net capacity assessments for all LA maintained, VA, VC and foundation schools, as the assessments are a statutory requirement for the School Capacity Collection."

The school capacity survey is an annual statutory collection of school-level data from the DfE on school capacity and local authority pupil forecasts.

The survey collects information from:

  • maintained community, foundation and voluntary primary or secondary schools
  • academies (including free schools, university technical colleges and studio schools)
  • city technology colleges