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SurveyorsCad-Capture’s document conversion and data capture service ensures completeness of information and adds value to any system.

With the best available facilities, the Cad-Capture service bureau is equipped to handle any quantity of documents regardless of their size, condition or format. Where appropriate, the company will mobilise a team to undertake on-site data capture projects.

Cad-Capture is renowned for its CAD and GIS services including asset management, drafting, digitising, data capture, quality control, data cleansing and maintenance.

Cad-Capture's high speed internet connectivity brings off-shore companies within practical reach and makes international communication a reality. This service enhances the range of solutions on offer and provides a platform for global collaboration.

Many years experience in bespoke CAD and GIS customisation and development enhances the range of services on offer.

Cad-Capture has a well-earned reputation for providing unique solutions to specialist data management requirements and meeting the demands of the most exacting customers.

Cad-Capture provides a full range of services for all media types:

Large format drawings, maps, plans, small format documents, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, roll, fiche, jackets, forms, files, manuals, electronic documents, graphics, CAD and GIS files.