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Room Colour Shading

Cad-Capture developed Room Colour Shading as an enhancement to its AssetCapture solution. In 2005, this technology was developed further and is now incorporated into the standard AssetCapture solution.

The decision to offer Room Colour Shading was pioneered on a project completed for Manchester City Council. Room Colour Shading was made available to local authorities wishing to upgrade Intelligent CAD Files to include curriculum based Room Colour Shading following the Building Bulletin 82 area guidelines in conjunction with educational properties.

Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and head teachers benefit from clear coded drawings allowing an instant visual recognition of what each space is being used for.

Cad-Capture has now gone one step further and released enhanced Room Colour Shading, which now includes external shading as well as internal, for AutoCAD 2004, based on the based on the DfE (Department for Education) Building Bulletin 98/99 area guidelines for schools. The service is available in full or as an upgrade to your existing CAD files.


The images below show the same Intelligent CAD File without/with the AssetCapture Room Colour Shading Enhancement








*DfE - Department for Education
DCSF - Department for Children, Schools and Families
DfES - Department for Education and Skills
DfEE - Department for Education and Employment