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CaptureTalk V6N1 - Introduction

In my introduction to the previous edition of CaptureTalk I mentioned an exciting new chapter in Cad-Capture’s development with the establishment of a new office in China.

In 2007 we started with a small team of 10 people which has already grown to 60 in such a short time. In the summer of 2008 we outgrew our first premises and moved to a fabulous new office block in the latest phase of Suzhou International Science Park (SISPARK).

We are neighbours with some of the best known global software services companies and we proudly fly a huge UK Union flag on the piazza at the front of the office!

The China office provides support for the UK office, increasing our competitiveness, and sells directly into the Asia/Pacific region.

I am extremely pleased with how well the UK and China staff work as an integrated team and expect it won’t be long until the number of staff in the China office overtakes the UK office, driven by the region’s incredible economic growth.

Finally, I would just like to say a big thank you to our loyal staff and valued customers for making this success possible.

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