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October 2006

CaptureNet Release

Cad-Capture would like to announce a new software solution, CaptureNet, with a proposed release date of April 2007.

CaptureNet is a web-based search and retrieval solution; with advanced view and print facilities for over 200 file formats including AutoCAD, MicroStation, TIFF, JPEG, PDF (and many more!), offering quick and easy access to documentation via an intuitive and simple-to-use interface.

CaptureNet's thin-client, based on a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 platform, is easy to administer, negating the need to visit client PCs to install software and will be enable all users, remote or otherwise, to access and collaborate on drawings regardless of geographic location.

Some benefits include:

  • Readily Accessible: CaptureNet is readily accessible via your web server using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Quickly Recover Documents: A customised search facility allows specific documents to be recovered from the CaptureNet repository using data obtained during indexing.
  • Easily Navigate to Specific Regions of Interest: A variety of features including zoom, pan etc which allows users to quickly navigate to specific regions of interest within a document
  • Ease of Administration: A thin-client, server based solution, CaptureNet is easy to administer and negates the need to visit client PCs to install software.
  • Mark-up and Annotate Documents: The ability to quickly recover documentation is an invaluable capability. More valuable still is the power to augment content - by adding notes, observations, instructions and references.
  • Extensive mark-up tools: Facilitate communication and collaboration between team members by allowing users to annotate and provide feedback on specific documents using a wide variety of useful entities, text and objects.
  • Collaborate real-time: Collaborate real-time with other users in a distributed environment using extensive mark-up tools and messaging facility.