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July 2006

Cad-Capture engineers solution for Parsons Brinckerhoff

Cad-Capture and Hummingbird have implemented a project-centric content management solution for Parsons Brinkerhoff, one of the worlds leading planning, engineering, program and construction management and operations and maintenance firms.

Comprising core Hummingbird Enterprise TM - DM and Collaboration technology components, the solution enables Parsons Brinckerhoff to manage, share and collaborate on a variety of project related content such as e.g. e-mails, drawings, project plans etc, with third party project participants including clients, suppliers and contractors etc.

Key features include a flexible, scalable and secure environment for managing project related content, together with project centric workspaces, providing efficient collaboration by combining content, discussion threads and calendaring capabilities etc.

Involved in scoping and implementing the solution, Cad-Capture also delivered various drawing management components including direct integration for AutoCAD with support for xrefs and synchronisation of title block attributes for efficient profiling using its CaptureLink for AutoCAD client extension for Hummingbird Enterprise™ - DM, as well as the ability to view, print and mark-up a variety of project related content, including native 2D CAD formats such as e.g. AutoCAD, regardless of desktop authoring application across various distributed UK sites using CaptureVue 2D.

Following the success of this implementation, Parsons Brinckerhoff intends to make Hummingbird Enterprise™ available across their global business operation.sets.